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  1. My disk's spin down, but they spin back up at random times/intervals. I've tracked the problem down to Scanner. When Scanner is uninstalled, the disk's spin down and stay down until they are accessed. I'd love to continue using Scanner, but I need it to let me drives sleep.

    Here's what I've tried so far:

    1. Checked:  Only perform work within a time window.

    2. Unchecked: Wake to scan

    3. Checked: Only query during work window

    4. Checked: Do not query if disk spun down

    5. Checked: Scan using background i/o priority

    6. Checked: Do not interfere with disk access

    Is there anything else that I missed or is this normal behavior for Scanner? Again, the behavior I am wanting is for the disks to spin down via windows power plan and then spin up individually only when that disk is being accessed. When Scanner is not installed my disks behave this way.

  2. Here is the scenario. I have 3 drives. I am using File Placement Balancer to fill the drives in order from drive 1 then 2 then 3 and only fill them to 95% full before moving onto the next empty drive. I also tell File Placement rule to put folders a, b and c into drive 1 only.

    The problem I'm having is that the folders/files I have marked to reside in drive 1 end up in the other drives some time. How can I configure it so that drive pool moves folders/files not flagged specifically for drive 1 into another drive in order to make room for folders/files flagged for drive 1?

  3. 4 minutes ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

    Nope, sorry. That's not supported by the balancing code, at all. Unfortunately. 


    that's a shame. I like the idea of file placement due to age so that all of my tv episodes stay together on the same drive, that way a minimal amount of discs would power up. They do start together but after so many re-balances the files end up all over the place.

  4. I am using the Ordered File Placement balancer. I have set it up so that it writes to my disc until it fills up and then it will move on to the next disc on the list. Is there a way to tell this balancer, or are there any balancers that are capable of ordering my files onto a consecutive list of discs based on the age of the file?

  5. 7 minutes ago, Jaga said:

    Scanner will poll SMART on all connected drives on a pretty high frequency, unless you restrict it with a schedule and/or turn off it's ability to wake a drive to poll it.  I highly suspect it is Scanner that's waking the drives, and not DrivePool.

    I'm unsure of duplication checks on Metadata, or when they are scheduled on a pool without duplication set otherwise.  I don't think it's the culprit here.

    Try disabling "Wake up to scan" in Scanner general settings, and restrict it to a work window (mine is 5am to 11am).  Then change the S.M.A.R.T. settings and check "Do not query if the disk has spun down".  I additionally throttle queries to once every hour (60 minutes), just personal preference.


    Ok I've changed my settings to match what you suggest. Thank you for your help.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Jaga said:

    That may depend on your automatic balancing settings.  If you have it set to run once every 24 hours, it should not poll the drives to balance (or to check duplication).  If there's no activity on the pool drives, then it shouldn't be reading them outside of whatever schedule you have set and they should continue to sleep soundly.

    I can't say mine is the definitive word on this however - just logical speculation.  Christopher and Alex know far better how Metadata duplication checking works, and when it runs.

    Are yours waking up with duplication off and no drive activity happening?  That can also be Scanner waking them up (if it's installed) since it likes to poll SMART regularly.

    Yes my drives keep waking up often and I am trying to track down the culprit.

    I do have scanner, but I thought that it doesn't poll SMART if the drive is asleep?

    Duplication checks are controlled by balancing?

  7. On 5/15/2018 at 1:01 PM, Christopher (Drashna) said:

    Sounds like something is reading data on the pool, and keeping the drives active. 

    Just in case, try disabling "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect", by setting the "override" value to "false" and rebooting:

    That did the trick! Thanks much for this! My array now spins down like it's supposed to do. Was this a new default setting as of the last update?

  8. I only use 2 different make/models. I have a single seagate as parity and another single WD red as parity. I have both types as data drives.

    I enabled the "performance" tab on Scanner and noticed an odd behavior. Every single drive, at the same time, goes from 0k read to 4k read. They just keep alternating from 0 to 4 and back to 0 again over and over, a change of value per second. When I check resmon though, resmon shows no disc activity. Let's say they were being read every second like Scanner is showing me, it still doesn't explain why the parity drives can sleep but not the data drives.

  9. Yes I am running version and yes I already had throttling enabled in Scanner. Still the same weird issue of my parity drives being able to spin down but not the data drives.

  10. i have a number of discs in an array using drivepool. i also use scanner and snapraid. all of this on windows 10 through an lsi 9211-8i. my question is, does anyone know why my parity drives spin down but my data drives do not? the only real difference is that the parity drives are not in the drivepool pool, but they are still connected through the 9211 card.

    *edit, i should add that i do want all my drives to spin down. i just dont know how to go about getting them to do so.

  11. Hey guys,


    I was wondering if this set of rules is possible:


    1. Place all new and existing files in Folder AA to drive 1. Other files and folders can also go into Drive 1, but ALL files in Folder AA must go to drive 1.

    2. After Drive 1 fills up, remove files/folders as needed to accommodate new files being placed into Folder AA.

    3. Adhere to the drive fill up rule of Ordered File Placement plugin. The only rule this plugin has is to fill up drives consecutively instead of evenly.

    4. Adhere to Stablebit Scanner rule of removing files on problem drives.


    I can't seem to get all 4 of these working together. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. Hey guys, can someone help me out with settinns needed to get the ssd balancer working the way I want it to? I do not have duplication or file placement rules.


    Basically I want files transferred to the ssd and once the transfer is complete I want it to move everything off the ssd into my pool. The closest I've come to this is files are transferred off the ssd at the same time it is being written onto.


    Also, would it be possible to have this kind of setting while also allowing scanner to do its thing of dumping files off damaged drives?

  13. I have a couple of questions if anyone knows.


    1. When "move new and existing" files is enabled, how does it choose what old and existing files get moved? I assume that it first checks for file size and then oldest date when moving files from a lower tier drive to an upper tier one?


    2. Is it possible to exclude a file name from ever being moved? For example, when using snapraid, I would like it so that the snapraid.content file stays on the disk it is assigned to.

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