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  1. Arghhh

    NVMe smart

    I didn't get any info with any method sadly. I am using BETA
  2. Arghhh

    NVMe smart

    I wasn't able to get any more data from Direct IO. Here is what Samsung Magician shows.
  3. Thanks, changing that setting resolved the issue.
  4. Arghhh

    NVMe smart

    It is a M.2 2280 Samsung MZ-V5P512BW I ran the Direct I/O test successfully but didn't get good data.
  5. I have new windows 10 install with drivepool and scanner and moved my licences from my old computer to new. Set up two pools for storage and noticed something weird with scanner. It was showing a 4KB activity on the performance column every 2 seconds or so. This is causing the disks to keep pausing the scan due to activity and they are now never spinning down. I did some searching around and didn't see anything posted anywhere about it so I did some troubleshooting. Running Procmon shows the drivepool service writing to the drive and stopping the service stops the activity. Should I downgrade to the stable version? Is the drivepool service critical to the operation? Is there an advanced setting somewhere?
  6. Arghhh

    NVMe smart

    Is it possible to get smart data from Samsung NVMe SSD? Samsung Magician can poll some of the critical data from the drive so I hope it's eventually possible.
  7. I use two of the Seagate 8TB archive drives for an unduplicated backup pool from my media server. 99% of the data is write once and I will saturate my network link. I have my pool set up to keep free space the same on both drives so usually it will alternate writes between the two drives giving them more opportunity to do their background processing and rewrite shingles if needed. I didn't do a full disk check or write and read zeros to the drives before I put them in use. I heard this may make the drives consider any future write as a rewrite and make the speeds slower. For media or backup they work perfect. I run a robocopy mirror script from the network shares to the pool nightly and so far it's the easiest backup solution I have found.
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