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  1. So my DrivePool is about ~50tb and I just came into a new chassis, raid controller and 10+ 3tb drives. I do plan to migrate everything to the new chassis. I was thinking about creating a raid 50 from some of the drives and use it just for folder duplication. Has anyone tried that? I know I can do software raid with other software, but I have this nice controller and all these drives, so just thinking I might do Raid50 for backups and folder duplication.
  2. I thought of this also when i had a few drives die. I found Karen's Power Tools - Directory Printer to work well I haven't thought about doing it automated yet, but I'll try the suggestions above.
  3. Setup, 4 drives using the onboard controller and 9 drives using a raid controller. So the pool is 13 drives, so the onboard controller died, so 4 drives went missing. I can connect them via usb and still get the data off of them, but they are marked missing in drive pool. I bought a few drives to add to the raid controller so i can move the data off the 4 drives. I can physcially get to the hard drives data via windows explorer whenever I plug the drive into my usb enclosure, but Drivepool still says it's missing. When I try to remove it from DP, it says it can't remove b/c i have missing disk. Would moving the data from the hidden folder (old 4 drives) to the new drives hidden folder (just added to the pool) work? Not sure how I should proceed. btw, all the data is unduplicated. DrivePool on Windows 7 64bit.
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