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  1. When you say "clear out a disk", do you mean it will move the data off of it and drop the problematic disk from the pool?
  2. I'm curious; did you shuck the drive or is it still in the external enclosure?
  3. Hey there! Long time fan based on the CloudDrive software and I've just recently decided to build a massive file server that replicates using Windows Server DFS Replication (so that the file shares will stay online even if one of the servers crashes or has to go down for maintenance). I was struggling finding something that could allow me to safely "pool" a bunch of commodity SATA HDDs on each server and after nearly 2 days of research, it finally clicked: DrivePool! But there was only one issue remaining. Due to the sheer number of HDDs that I'll have in the servers, and since I'll be using cheap (non-enterprise) disks, bad blocks will be expected. I had hoped StableBit Scanner would be the answer, but based on what you've told us above, this is not a feature; yet. Any ETA? Having a feature that would automatically mark bad blocks and rebuild data from the duplication that DrivePool provides would truly put StableBit into a class of its own (trust me, I searched the web high and low for something like this and it doesn't exist; Storage Space Direct comes close, but you cant use that for general file shares and there's a lot of complexity involved; I really like that DrivePool is simply storing the files direct to the disk, without any special formatting or placeholder image files / virtual disk files). Anyways, just wanted to +1 this and give you my support. Based on the skill and experience you obviously have, I'm sure it won't be too difficult to implement. Thanks!
  4. I have reviewed the features and I read about the cache that keeps "your most frequently used data cached locally", which is great! However, in my use case, in addition to the current "adaptive cache", I'm hoping to be able to also select specific folders that will always be cached locally (even if I rarely access files within those folders). Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Delta changes

    Also interested in hearing the answer to this question; for example, changes to a Microsoft Outlook PST file.
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