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  1. I'm not really sure you can say for certain what the reason was that I was getting good speeds. I was running concurrent tests that simulate your users' connections without an issue. What I have have had issues with was making a large number of concurrent connections to their backend. In my case, I throttle connections on my end. For my use case, it doesn't really affect my users. Your mileage will vary.
  2. While I would agree that the response times from questions sent to Amazon's support team can be a bit on the long side, I'm not sure I'd characterize their Cloud Drive service as a whole as broken. I've been developing against it for months now. Yes, I've seen some of the issues that you've reported in these forums, but those were eventually addressed. Every app's mileage will vary, of course. I can definitely say that we run our app on >300 mb/s connections with no issues, even when we were still at developer rate limits. Yes, you have to have restraint on the number of concurrent thr
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