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  1. Gishi

    product packages?

    okay well thats grate news ill see if i can buy it next month.
  2. Gishi

    SSD Optimizer Balancing Plugin

    is there real time read as well with this plugin? because i do a lot of work editing raw video and some times i have to move video to my 60gb ssd and i have a problem with running out of space.
  3. Gishi

    product packages?

    hello, I was looking at your products and im debating buying all 3. So i was wondering if you had an all in one discount package? Id be more interested in buying at a lower price for a bundle then paying full price witch would run around $94.85.. that being sed its kinda a hard selling point for all of them. 35% to 40% off would seem like a good deal to me. but im not going to tell you guys thats what it has to be. thats just what would fell nice and comfy to me price wise.