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  1. Freefilesync like any other sync software check for differences so if i miss a disk only the missing files will be restored. Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. I'm using clouddrive to mount acd as a disk and to encrypt everything. Of course you need to upload the stuff you need to access via apps without clouddrive. Not a big deal for me
  3. I'm testing now clouddrive + freefilesync to mirror my pool to amazon cloud drive. I can say that the speed is really good compared to crashplan. Sadly i do not know why but the download is throttled to 50mbit inside clouddrive, maybe an api problem
  4. A real option (like the one in unraid for example) should be a lot better. Over there you can specify the folder depth to keep folders together. What do you think ?
  5. I'm starting to think that the easiest way for me should be something like : - remove the amazon cloud drive from the pool - use something like freefilesync to mirror my drivepool to it - after that launch freefilesync as scheduled task to mirror differences from the pool - in case of a disk loss i can just compare the 2 disks with freefilesync and just copy the missing folders/files back after adding a new to drivepool Another step i can take is to launch a batch after the sync to set everything read-only on the mirror to maybe avoid ransomware Do you think that should work well
  6. With "old" i mean : i can see a lot newer builds
  7. Yes i'm using the 631 build and i can see that is quite old
  8. Thanks for the answers : 2 - Anything i can do to avoid this ? Maybe a delay on the duplication process ? 3 - I can use amazon cloud drive as cold storage, but not duplication in real-time with drivepool (and it's soooo handy ehhe) that way i think because i need to remove the drive from the pool right ?
  9. Hi all, seeking a little advice here : with the release of amazon cloud drive i'm now testing it with clouddrive, added it to the pool and setup the disk as the target of pool-duplication. Drivepool is still uploading stuff now,i will have with a 1:1 copy in a few days. I have some questions regarding disasters (i'm coming to a snapraid-parity configuration that i wanna leave to regain my big 8tb disk) : 1 - If a disk is missing, drivepool will set everything as read-only until i remove and then add a new drive to the pool. Drivepool will then copy the missing stuff from the amazon clou
  10. I can wait until this is "stabilized", at the moment i'm using crashplan as a simple backup (slowwwwwwww and not really a usable space like a disk of course). Btw, amazon cloud drive is now open for the entire europe, a LOT of new customers will subscribe and look around for product like this If i try it and something change in clouddrive,can i be sure that i do not have to reupload everything ? Testing it now with some folders mirrored from my drivepool....it seems to work really well
  11. Christopher, excuse me for the little OT but : I'm a big supporter of your drivepool and scanner products and now that finally amazon cloud drive unlimited is available in my country i'm planning to try it. My plan is to setup a full mirror of my drivepool storage in it with a file duplication 1x or even 2-3x for the important stuff. Is it doable now with the latest build ? I just wanna re-use my parity disk used by snapraid (i have little money at the moment and little space too for new hard drives...and a really fast 100mb connection) Thanks a lot A.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I'm using Bitdefender Total Security 2016 with ransomware protection disabled. Output of the command is : Nome filtro Num istanze Altitudine Frame ------------------------------ ------------- ------------ ----- gzflt 9 320820 0 ignis 9 320811 0 avckf 9 320810 0 avc3 9 320780 0 trufos 5 320770 0 sto
  13. Hi all ! I'm testing Drivepool before buying it, all is going well, i setup my pool, my duplication for important folders etc etc. I have only one problem : all my folders in the pools are in read-only state,i cannot for example scrape my movies with mediaelch, it cannot save on the folders What can be the issue ? If i try to remove read-only from right-click menu -> properties nothing happens, always in read-only state Thanks A. One note : i can write new data without problems...it just seems that the read-only is setted after the move
  14. I installed yesterday the stable version with Windows 10 and only 1 disk in the pool and everything seems to work fine. I will surely wait for a stable release before upgrade Is the scanner worth a try ? I fear that it will not let my disks to sleep with all its checks...and for what i know there is not a simple way in windows to see if a disk is sleeping or not (to control what is happening with the scanner)
  15. Hi guys, my first post here ! Planning to test Drivepool on my new windows 10 rig before buying (with snapraid for parity protection). What version should i try ? The stable one or this beta ? Thanks
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