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  1. I am not 100% sure of that but with 3 SSDs as cache (since I have some folder duplicated x3) when I write to the pool into a folder without duplication then this is always the same SSD that is used. If I am correct then it would be better if write could be randomly done on one of the 3 SSD and not always the same one.
  2. Ok I did test with BX100 on M1115 and it still shows 0°C.
  3. Thanks. Yes, after 10 years with watercooling cases (some were dual Xeon), I am now only doing air cooled stuff and even if its more challenging regarding temperatures, its way cheaper... A good controled air flow with positive air pressure can cool a lot of setup, with near to zero maintenance. Now that I use DrivePool, I would be able to keep the same case and if I need more data room, only change 4TB drives as price drop with 8TB, one by one... 72TB in a small mid tower with all HD under 35°C
  4. hmmm... I am thinking ... I could try to plug the SSD on the M1115 rather than on Intel mobo port. But since this is my system's SSD I m not sure it would boot. Will try and report.
  5. The screenshot was made with version v BETA under Windows Server 2012 R2. I have just dicided to simplify my setup and give a test to Windows 10 as my server machine rather than running Server R2. Under Windows 10 with the same Scanner version I face the same issue : 0°C reported
  6. Sorry, I have "only" 4 SSDs I was just curious if dual link would increase single SSD read/write but it doesn't.
  7. Small update : I did replace the original heatsink with a bigger and 100% copper one. I did fixed it with Arctic Sylver Thermal Adhesive, so it's permanent but much more efficient than thermal paste in this case. Then I did bended the heatsink pins one by one. The result is an impressive 20°C temp drop from 45-50°C to 27-30°C. I plan to do the same for the top M1115.
  8. I did some tests with SSD and it doesnt help with "slow" queue read/write. I did have nearly the same results with one or 2 links. SSDs plugged into Intel's SATA 3 ports always give better results than SSD plugged onto M1115 or M1015 or to the expander : SSD on expander : On Intel's motherboard port :
  9. I just swapped my system SSD from a Sandisk Extreme II to a Crucial BX100 and I did noticed that temp is read correctly in Scanner's SAMRT detail window (31°C) but is wrongly displayed in Scanner's main windows (0°C). BitFlock : RQKIA4F2
  10. Some picts of my quick but functional SAS expander mounting A very efficient 350W TFX PSU : SAS mount : Mounted in the case. The setup isn't complete yet (but working). When completed it would have 1x 240GB SSD + 3x240Gb caching SSDs, 6x4TB + 3x5TB HDs : virtualy 39TB with SSD write caching x3. On this picture I was testing dual link between the M1115 and Intel SAS expander : Single link : I need some more work on cable management... But cooling is now perfectly tunned with SpeedFan that control
  11. Some could be interested : this guy has some Intel expander @ €99, free shiping to France from Irland so I think free shipping to Europe. I guess I should have wait a litle more. http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Intel-RES2SV240-24-port-6-Gb-s-SATA-SAS-RAID-Expander-Card-/111791366958?hash=item1a0748e32e
  12. I hope you ll managed to fix it since all my SSD cache is based on 3x Sandisk Extreme Pro (also affected) as my system SSD, a Sandisk, Extreme II... A lot of "ghost" SMART values
  13. just a note this is without expander, since I haven't received it yet.
  14. While I was experimenting with Scanner Burst test, I did noticed some strange behavior with 2 SSDs pluged into M1115 : reported burst speed is no more than 305MB/s and 296MB/s So I jumped on my benchmark directory and made some RW speed test on both SSDs : Results are much higher than Scanner Burst test. Both SSDs score virtualy the same : On a third SSD, that is system SSD and plugged into Intel mobo port, the burst speed reported by Scanner is higher : 500MB/s SSDs on M1115 are reported as SATA rev 3.1, SSD on Intel is reported as SATA rev
  15. Thanks. Don't waste time checking : I will receive the expander in the next days and so I will test it. You are probably right however, cabling from the expander to HDs and SSDs could do a nicer job in my small case. I will check what is the best option after receiving the expander.
  16. Hi, I was wondering if some of you have dual link working between M1015 and Intel expander RES2SV240? It looks like Ethernet link aggregation but for SAS. RES2SV240 supports it but I don't know for the M1015 or M1115.
  17. that is the way I did the first log
  18. logs uploaded but I don't know if there is any info in the logs since the event 153 is recorded at shutdown, not when booting.
  19. I will check again, but from what I can remember the disk was DrivePool disk, not a physical one EDIT : checked again and yes it is DrivePool disk. The error started after I did made a lot of firmware/bios/driver change for my IBM M1115, a lot of reboot, and now the error won't go away and appear each time the server is shut down or restarted. But no other issues so far.
  20. For my familly usage and my brain health I would stick with ONE box : all of my technicals problems in the very same black box Regarding the auction, after some discuss with the seller I did bought the cables and of course the expander (but not the riser card) for....more than I should have paid... : $133 shipped to France. Since I can see it on Newegg.com @ $273, Amazon.com $265 without cables, it is not a bad deal, even if for a used part I found that still expensive.
  21. Nice compact build. I am also trying to keep a small box, I would post some pictures later. One question : what kind of disk events were logs? Because on my build I get 1 disk event 153 each time I reboot. I wonder if it is hardware relate or maybe Windows side or DriverPool side.
  22. Yep. Sounds right. I will offer at $90. Since I have a very cramped build : 9 HDs + 4 SSDs inside a litle mid tower, the expander powered with a Molex would offer better cable management than an other M1115.
  23. Thanks. I have found what is the small card : it is a "riser" card and it seems it needs to be plug onto specific server ports. Also regarding the SAS expander : yes I do know that I need a contoller that is the reason why I did wrote that I already have a m1115. I did have a closer look to the expander pictures and if you look at the Molex, it looks like the heatsink has beegining burning it ... I will wait for something less "used"...
  24. and mine : Both SSD (Sandisk Extreme II and Sandisk Extreme Pro) have same ID : RQKIA4F2
  25. I am still wondering if I should buy an other IBM M1115 or buy an Intel SAS expander... Expanders are not very cheap ... I manage to find one, not new RES2SV240, but it comes with an additional card and I don't know what it is. Here is the auction : http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Intel-RES2SV240NC-RES2SV240-24-port-6Gbs-SATA-SAS-RAID-Expander-Card-/161823139680?hash=item25ad692760 $200 for both cards and cables, do you think it worth it? What is the second litle card exactly? Thanks EDIT : I need a new SAS card or expander because I plan to use SSD for caching, at least 3, and I mi
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