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  1. Okay, just a question on how i should expect Drivepool to react in my current setup when one of my drives eventually fails and has to be pulled So this is my current drivepool...it is made up of a 40 tb drivepool and a 40 tb clouddrive...i am almost done with the initial seeding of the cloud drive So my question is mainly...if a drive fails on my initial drivepool will the clouddrive be queried for all the missing files or do i need to manually do something? My goal would then be to add another harddrive and let it restore from the clouddrive. I have real backups also on backblaze...but i set this up for nearly zero restore time in the case of hardware failure. Thanks for any help/advice.
  2. Its now showing 1.22 mb of damaged but i see no red sectors...i will just treat this usb key as suspect...no more time should be wasted on it
  3. okay here is the results after 7 hours
  4. Running...will report back EDIT: may only run it for a few hours...i don't think this tiny usb drive could handle a constant 24 hour run
  5. So i have read and on this issue but I still don't know why i'm running into this problem. I am on Beta and while none of the spinning drives have problems and older tiny usb flash drive is pulling errors. I then ran a chkdsk /f on the drive and no errors were found or fixed after a very long run. After i moved to the beta release of scanner ( i had been on stable) i ran again after clearing the drives status (both readable and unreadable) and ran again. I have the exact same errors. Just want to know how to proceed as i had planned to continue using this drive but am now unsure whether there is any issue. I am transferring files off the drive and did have one not move correctly. EDIT: Also its inconsistent...this was the first scan And this is the final - the blocks don't match up
  6. Thanks for the info - also realizing while it isn't showing the writes going to the pool when they first happen on the new pool...if i go to the old pool it is showing the writes there With the ssd option...what is meant by "need a number of drives equal to the highest duplication level"? Do you mean i would need 40 tb of ssd's or ssd designated drives? Sorry I'm missing this. Thanks for the help...seems to be working very well now and noticing no issues at all in reads and writes in terms of speed And i have moved to the RC release - only complaint is inability to see disk and pool perf at the same time
  7. Apologies for being so confusing. I have a 40 tb pool that i have used for a long time, but I now want to duplicate the data to a 40 TB google cloud drive. After the initial post, I realized some of my errors by reading through some of your other older responses to other users. So what i need is for the local pool to be prioritized for writes and reads, but to be duplicated to the cloud drive for restore if a drive fails. I have set it up after reversing my old mistake and I wonder if there is anything i may have still gotten wrong. From what you have said i do need to turn off unduplicated content for the clouddrive which may explain why the drive thinks its 80 tb instead of 40. Even after making these changes though my two big concerns are that it still shows 80 tb as size of drive (instead of the 40 tb that are really available) and also writes still seem to initially go to the cloud drive. I have gigabit internet so thats not that big of a deal but any advice on my setup would be very welcome.
  8. Okay i followed the directions in those posts but my main issue now is even with file placement balancer...i cannot get the harddrives to take the files first. Always shows my dvr recordings being saved to my cloud drive as they are being recorded
  9. Started a duplication of my 40 tb drivepool and read this answer which confused me and seems to contradict how i'm going about this I made a 40 tb clouddrive and thought that if i selected the original drives as unduplicated and the cloud drive as duplicated and selected duplication for the entire array it would put a copy of every file in the original pool on the cloud drive. If a drive failed i could easily rebuild from the cloud drive. Here are some settings In that other example you told the user to make another pool with the original pool and the cloud drive and set duplicated and unduplicated on both. I am missing the (probably easily apparent) issue with my setup. Also if i do need to do that what is the most efficient way to start that work without losing anything or having wasted time uploading to cloud drive
  10. 16 tb just left as a single partition as built
  11. Yeah i checked but the folder was never made - might be from the insufficient space message on the chkdsk Any understanding why this could happen? i now also see there is 101 mb that won't upload...but i'm uploading so much to reform the drive that i'm getting all sort of rate limiting and so forth I have also moved to the rc for those features
  12. Okay will continue to update this - Built new drive and transferring old contents over plus downloaded backups to rebuild...Still mostly concerned on what brought on this behaviour and what i can do to prevent it in the future. Since the initial file disappearance there may have been more files also but probably more to do with me not seeing the extent of the files missing
  13. Well looking at some old questions on this forum i went ahead and ran a chkdsk on the drive...which gave strange information...said 75 files were orphaned and then couldn't recover them...and now the drive space looks correct so i think they might be gone forever now
  14. Okay did some checking...the drive mounted to my computer gives the size of the used space as 4.36 tb...this is similar to what the backblaze program reports. When I do a simple file size calculation though it is around 3.99 tb. Running Windirstat finds 398 gb of unknown taken space. This gets stranger and stranger Also realizing its not just folders about p that have the issues...some of the folders still exist but everything inside of them is gone
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