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    joss got a reaction from steffenmand in +1 for GoogleDrive for Work support   
    Thank you soooo much for supporting Google Drive now and the fast progress! Since Bitcasa's change of mood we were looking for exactly a tool like CloudDrive, then found it here but weren't able to use it until now.
    And as we are using Drivepool and your Scanner for years now, we are very, very happy to see this project in your hands, because you always deliver well-thought-out and stable stuff. I only hope, you are not going to be bought by one of the big ones  .
    Although I don't understand everything that's discussed here (i.e. what the increased partial reads are for - and why we would have to start over new then ...  over my head in some cases    ), and we do not have such are great bandwidth, I've been testing a bit using the default settings and I'm highly satisfied - YEAH!   
    The speed is a bit erratic and I/O-errors are popping up frequently but CloudDrive manages to upload things anyway. Perfect!
    I have some questions - not 100% Google-Drive-related, but I hope it's ok to place it here:
    Are there plans (or is there already a way) to pause the upload; either every upload activity or for a specific drive (so I could set one drive to priority)? Is there a way to throttle the upload? Maybe scheduled? (our son is angry with us using all bandwidth   ) We are trying to use Plex with CloudDrive. It's working pretty well so far. But of course to fast-forward is not covered by the prefetched data so it takes a while to jump to a specific position in a video.
    Do you have any suggestion i.e. for the cache or prefetching settings to optimize this? Maybe different relating to the size (TV-Shows oder movies)? I'm a bit concerned about data corruption, not of single chunks or files, but of some of the metadata or so, CloudDrive needs to mount and recognize the drive. We are using duplicati and one day an essential file was obviously missing or corrupted, so duplicati wasn't able to list anything or repair it and the whole backupset was lost for us. The weeks of uploading, too. And as far as I know there is no option to use the content files somehow - and I assume this isn't different with CloudDrive, right?

    Do you have redundancy or something like that? Is it possible for me to backup this data?
    Google doesn't make it easy to replace files, because of their ID-based structure - just putting the same file with the same name in the same place doesn't mean, Google or a tool like duplicati (and CloudDrive?) recognizes it.

    Would it be wiser to build several smaller drives and use Drivepool additionally than creating one big one? What would you suggest? 
    How are the experiences with Google Drive (for work)? How big are the drives you created?

    (Of course we have several backups - but because of the limited bandwidth and the fact that we have plans to let Google/CloudDrive be part of our backup-strategy I would like to fathom and minimize the risks.) And a last one: what about the verifying - is it actually working with the 10MB-chunks now? Or even bigger ones? I didn't get it. Sorry.  
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    joss got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in +1 for GoogleDrive for Work support   
    yes, please! We bought a licence from you immediately after release and are waiting for Google Drive (for work) support since then.
    (and for Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited arriving in Europe - but as it's not that reliable that's maybe not the best solution).
    In fact Google gives you >5TB even with one user     ... pssst. 
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