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    Correct version?

    Thanks I've been running 370 for a few days now and the server seems way more responsive and I'm not having the same issues as before where the clouddrive was causing drivepool and scanner services to be extremely slow to start. I'm pretty sure no dead locking going on anymore. Yay! I was about to say it's 100% solved everything but just now I restarted to install windows updates, and I've had one of my cloud drives lose its letter and go missing from DrivePool again. DrivePool now shows the mysterious COVECUBECloudFsDisk___ . Now to be fair this time it's my OneDrive cloud drive which
  2. Max

    Correct version?

    It probably doesn't mean anything but if it helps I just noticed my cloud pool has this warning: Duplication warnings...mismatched file parts... Files: \System Volume Information\IndexerVolumeGuid And just to be clear, this hasn't been caused by installing the latest version, it's probably a hangover from those cloud drives disappearing.
  3. Max

    Correct version?

    I think I was getting deadlocks. I've left it running on a headless server for some time and come back to find one of the cloud drives had disappeared. DrivePool showed it as "clouddrivefs__" or something similar, so I restarted the machine. I came back to it the next day to see if it fixed it, but this time another cloud drive had done the same so 2 of my 4 cloud drives were gone. I chose detach on both of the drives and then chose re-attach, and thankfully the drives came back so in the end just a minor annoyance. I installed the latest internal build earlier for fun and the performance
  4. Max

    icloud Drive Pool

    Yes. CloudDrive will map/mount drives that show up in my computer. You can then use DrivePool to make a single drive from those cloud drives. DrivePool works by making a hidden folder on the root of each drive. You can access this for recovery purposes very easily. Assuming you pooled 3 providers and dropped a file onto the pool, by default you wouldn't know where that file had gone (it's transparent to you). But if you enabled 3x duplication, then that file would end up on all three cloud drives. It is also possible to create rules in DrivePool to tell it where to put stuf
  5. Max

    Correct version?

    Apologies if this is a silly question, but what is the correct version of CloudDrive to be using? I'm still using as it's the version linked to on the main site, but after reading a few threads I noticed that you're all the way up to So should I download the latest version to see if it improves things, or are the subsequent builds very experimental? Thanks!
  6. Max

    First impressions

    Thanks Christopher, With regards to the upload threads, as I'm currently using DrivePool across 4 different providers would I be right in assuming that if the files are evenly distributed, technically I could have 4 upload threads/chunks uploading at the same time even though I've set each provider to have 1 thread? As I'm guessing my original problem was that splitting my slow upload across the default 10 threads meant the connection was spread too thin, actually once I pooled 4 drives together, I might have had up to 40 upload threads across all the drives. If I could set a global th
  7. Max

    First impressions

    I'd like to start by saying I've been using DrivePool+Scanner for a while now, and they are seriously awesome. Everything WHS should have been. So much thanks for that. I only use it for home use but the one thing I'm currently lacking is an offsite backup. That's where CloudDrive comes into play for me. Being able to use multiple cloud providers with DrivePool is really powerful. Before now I wouldn't have considered it as I don't want to trust the cloud with my private files, but the encryption part of CloudDrive fixes that. So basically my use case is to pool as many providers as
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