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    bzowk got a reaction from The_Saver in Pool Activity Monitoring   
    Hey Guys - 
    I've been using DrivePool & Scanner for a few years now and overall it's been great.  My home pool currently consists of 12 disks (11 SATA + 1 SSD for caching) totalling over 43.7tb which is assigned to my D: drive.  Being a big fan of monitoring resources, I'd love to be able to monitor the overall disk performance in some sort of desktop gadget or widget.  This is easy to do for the pool's individual disks if drive letters are assigned or within Scanner, but not the pool as a whole.  Since the pool isn't a standard disk, most applications that do this simply show the D:\ as having no activity ever unfortunately. One of the many examples of what I'd like is an older Windows Gadget "Drive Activity."
    Does anyone know of an application or workaround where I could get the pool's activity to be shown for typical monitoring applications?  All I really would want is something simple which would show (or trick applications into showing) either the combined read / write totals or the highest value of the disks comprising the pool.
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    bzowk got a reaction from Antoineki in Ideal Specs for Offloading Pool to Dedicated System   
    Hey Guys - 
    Over the past few years, the size of my pool has grown dramatically in size where I'm getting to the point where upgrading requires going from 4tb disks to 8tb ones instead of adding a new disk.  The pool is in my primary PC (specs below) which I use for everything you can imagine including work, gaming, VMs, personal web hosting, scripting, and more.  
    I'd really like to have the pool offloaded from this PC to another device.  Unfortunately, I'd probably have to sell my truck to afford an 11 disk NAS or similar enterprise-level device. As I still have another case, I'm instead considering purchasing an inexpensive motherboard, CPU, etc then migrating the pool (disks + RocketRAID card) over to it to build my own dedicated pool device.  Given that, I have 2 questions, please:
    1. If you had to build a dedicated system like this, what hardware / OS would you use that you would consider the most stable yet still offer same features?
    2. Given my pool, what are the minimum specs I would need to do this?  I'm not trying to be cheap, but have some slightly older workstations around here and would be great if I could use their guts and possibly do this all for free!
    Disk Pool PC Stats
    - Windows 10 x64 Creator's Update
    - Intel 3770k CPU OC'd to 4.0Ghz
    - 32 GB RAM
    - 44tb Drive Pool
    - Samsung 850 Pro SSD for OS & primary apps (not in pool)
    - 1tb Hybrid drive for App Caches & VMs (not in pool)
    - 256gb SSD for VR Gaming Installations (not in pool)
    - RocketRAID 2720 SAS Controller
    - Nvidia GeForce 970 GTX
    - Oculus Rift (3 sensors + 2 touch controllers)
    - x3 monitors
    - Huge tower with much cooling
    - Many other devices & accessories
    Disk Pool Stats
    - StableBit DrivePool Beta + SSD Optimizer Plugin
    - 43.9TB Total / 42.9 unduplicated / 69kb duplicated / 50.7gb other
    - RocketRAID 2720 SAS Controller connects 7 of the disks with remaining connected to motherboard / 6Gbps used where possible but 1-2 have 3Gbps
    - 11 disks (10 Standard / 1 SSD)
    - Balances immediately every 2 hours unless 25gb+ needs moving
    - All 4 options for performance enabled (Lots of network I/O)
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