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  1. I installed StableBit DrivePool on my laptop to see if the Cloud entry of the log occurs, but no luck. I resetted the service and restarted the coumputer, and no entry showed up...
  2. StableBit CloudDrive is not and was never installed on both machines. Very strange...
  3. Hey Christopher, thank you for your message! I installed the new version, checked "NoWmi" and "Unsafe", but it still does not work... Do you know why my 2 machines choose different passthrough methods? Why does one machine have a Cloud entry in the LOG which chooses the passthrough format and the other one does not?
  4. Hey, I recently bought my first USB 3.0 enclosure for my old HDD and noticed with the Scanner running on my HTPC (Win 7 x64) on the last stable version and the newest beta 3103 (with no WMI and no unsafe IO) that the SMART attributes could not be read: According to the LOG, I think it somehow chooses to use the ScsiPassthroughJmicron method: Scanner.Service.exe Information 0 [Disks] Creating disk... 2018-04-14 09:25:14Z 66476300502 Scanner.Service.exe Information 0 [DiskInfo] Opening ATA pass-through... 2018-04-14 09:25:14Z 66476301483 Scanner.Service.exe Information
  5. Hey, I have just found out that if powering off my system or removing my HDDs all "disk control" settings (AAM, APM and standby timer) get resetted. This is bad, because the defult load/unload cycle is just a few seconds with no standby, so this will wear out the HDD quite fast. Is it possible to implement a feature, which would reload the disk control settings (at the start of the Scanner service or when a new HDD is detected) for HDDs which are not able to save the disk control settings? Because there is no program which could reload the settings (in Windows at least) , this could
  6. It seams to work now if "NoWmi" is enabled! In the log, the 10 second logs still appear (ATA pass-through query succeeded, Command=229), but they do not wake up the backup HDD. Furthermore, in the log it is stated, that the SMART update is being avoided because of the standby, which was not the case before the change. So I run now SMART updates without throttling (every minute), with the option "do not query SMART" enabled, the HDD stays in standby. (As I mentioned above, it goes to standby after just a few seconds, which does not bother me) But the "Query power mode directly from d
  7. Yes, logs and behavior stop after stopping the scanner service. Should I upload the log in this thread?
  8. Yes, it is just the Scanner, I also looked into the logs and there are logs about commands every 10 seconds.
  9. Hey, I have the Stablebit Scanner for over a year and I really like it . Last week I changed my backup HDD to a bigger size when I noticed a strange bug. The HDD is a Samsung Spinpoint M8 1TB and it has a standby time of a few seconds (when I check "automatic stanby" in the disk control menu). The normal standy timer seams to have no effect. Although I checked "Do not query if the disk has spun down", I heard the starting of the HDD motor every minute! The Power option only changes between "Standby" and "Active" when I enable "Query power mode directly from disk", but then there is
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