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  1. Nobody? How do you people manage the rights in Windows or hide stuff from people who should not see it?
  2. Not really a DrivePool question but i wonder if somebody is doing something like that. I really love DrivePool and none of the many Unix NAS distributions has what i want. They all to RAID/ZFS and all this stuff... The problem in Windows is hiding stuff from people who shouldn't see it. You need Windows Server with Access-Based Enumeration (ABE). As i found out from reading here is that you can't pass through a pool to Hyper-V. So the idea is to share the pool in Windows, mount it in Linux and do the Samba stuff (users/permissions) there. Would that work? Not sure what the permissions then would be on the disks in Windows? Which user to set on the pool share (everyone)?
  3. Sorry but that does not answer the question how to move the files from the drive connected to another PC. That drive is from 2010 - so no RMA And the drive is attached to a SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8
  4. Hi, i have a drive that after some time always disappears from Windows and i get the message: One or More Disks are Missing on 'HECTOR' Disks: WDC WD15EARS-00Z5B1 (S/N: WD-WMAVU2410680) 23°C - 1,36 TB (Pool: Hive (Z:\)) After every reboot i get: No Disks are Missing on 'HECTOR' All the missing disks have been re-connected and are no longer missing. Tomorrow i get a new drive and the question is how to replace the drive if it disappears. Can i put it in another PC (hoping it does not disappear there) and copy the files somehow?
  5. Ok, i'm a little bit lost about the removing procedure. I thought i can just remove a drive from the pool and the data is not touched - for example if i just want to connect the HDD to another computer. But there is: 1. Force damaged... 2. Duplicate files later... The documentation is not really clear. Oh and i don't use any kind of folder/file duplication...
  6. No reason for ME As you said: dependents on personal usage. My Win8 Server is just a big HDD for movies, music, videos, tv-shows... And DE and now DrivePoole is so much easier then RAID. I also run a 24/7 Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 Core with pfSense, FreeSWITCH, Win8.1 (for VoxCommando) and Debian. But i wonder how Win8.1 can be not stable. I have ~10 PCs - DOS, Win95, Win98, XP, XP x64 and Win8 is something that never made any problems. Even on 8 year old hardware with Vista/Win7 drivers it runs rock stable. I'm not against somebody using Win10 and i didn't test it yet cause the last time i wanted to test it it didn't work in VMWare. I'm just curios and wonder that Win8 is not stable and Win10 is.
  7. Can i ask why Win10 and not 8.1? I started with Home Server when it came out and the reason was the drive extender. After they removed the drive extender there was no reason anymore for me to use WHS. But to the rescue there is now software like DrivePool. I mean if somebody uses DrivePool he has more data and HDDs then the average user and then using a preview/beta OS? Whats the benefit of using Win10 instead of Win8?
  8. Hi, after 2-3 years DriveBender i'm now testing DrivePool. I didn't had real problems with DriveBender until i did build my new server two weeks ago. The file structure/management looks/is much simpler in DrivePool if you move HDDs around. After reading around i saw you just need to move the files in the hidden folder that DrivePool creates and that worked. Today i got a 8-Port SATA Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 card and want to replace my old 4-Port Promise FastTrak card. So before something goes wrong i ask what the proper procedure is. 1. Install the Supermicro card 2. Remove the HDDs from the pool 3. Connect the HDDs from the Promise to the Supermicro 4. Add the HDDs to the pool again is there more to do? Or is there no need to remove the HDDs from the pool and just connect them to another SATA port? Another question is: can i rename the drives without problems in Windows Disk Management and what about changing drive letters?
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