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    collapsed got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Missing disks in DrivePool?   
    Interesting... Success!!!!
    So I tried the first of the two provided methods, and at least DrivePool identifies the two missing disks. Awesome! Then, I re-added them and the pool re-measures. The correct volume size was then listed (17.8TB). The unfortunate bit was that all data listed on the SSD's was listed as "Other" data. That sucked, because I know some of that data isn't being listed in the pool exists in that "Other" data.
    I then mounted one of the previously missing disks as a drive letter and browsed the PoolPart folder (as suggested in the latter aforementioned steps). BEHOLD! My data! Curiously though, there were TWO PoolPart folders. I'm certain this happened when they became disconnected, then re-added to the pool.
    So, just to be safe, since I knew all my data was in-tact I figured I'd give your second process a go. After a few tedious bits I recreated the pool and everything is back up and working normally. YAY!
    Drashna, you are my hero of the day, once again!
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