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  1. ok ill probably stay stock ill be moving my gskill (4x4) 16gb ram over and im looking at the MSI gaming 5 socket 1150 and debating a gtx 960 or 970 with 4gb ddr5 vram
  2. buying a new board and chip and gpu.. but it must last me awhile and I want a K cpu for overclocking.. ill be buying games though steam.. 1st game will be train simulator 2016
  3. is it worth it to get an i7 4790k for gaming and all around use with a 4gb gtx 970 or stick with an i5 4690k
  4. gotta get new board and cpu and video card... the raid card on my 880gma doesnt support win 10 and now i have 2 mx200 250gb drives and i want them in raid 0... so the question is do i go z97 and keep using my ddr 3 1600mhz ram or go skylake and buy ddr 4 ram ? staying ddr 3 save me a good chunk of cash.. but is skylake required for dx12? the geforse 970gtx is dx12 capable
  5. is sli worth it for gaming? ive heard a few people tell me to stick with single card ill be using a 60 inch led tv at 1080P
  6. I'm using an Msi 880GMA-E45 with the most updated bios currently but wanna upgrade to the MSI 990FXA Gaming
  7. I'm looking for gaming... I no the intel cpus support 16 lanes so I was curious if the amd fx had same limits..
  8. do i need 2 pcie x16 slots running at x16 to run 2 nvidea 970s in sli or is dual 8x speed enough?
  9. can i run windows 10 on 2 mx 200 250gb ssd in raid 0 safely and have trim supported with the raid? and if so. am i right in settin g my bios to raid mode versus ide or ahci?
  10. getting corsair carbide series spec 01 and crucial MX200 250gb ssd for my gaming rig... (currently amd phenom 2 945 with 4x4 (16gb) gskill ddr 3 1600 and geforce 640gt
  11. with a 2.0 slot and my phenom will I b ok with the gtx 970 from I'm msi I'm also gonna gt the 250gb mx200 ssd from crucial
  12. mobo has pcie 2.0 x16 got my phenom upto 3.4ghz now also my ddr3 1600 ripjaws r clocking at 1800 on bootup
  13. ? if anyone can help.... I'm tryin g to turn my amd phenom 2 945 Deneb 3.0ghz with 16gb (4x4) ddr3 1600 ram and msi gt640 2gb graphics card into a gaming rig I'm looking at a 250gb MX 200 for os drive but may consider a new graphics card and I'm liking the msi gtx 970 series will the 970 with with my phenom 2 without bottlenecking my system? I'm planning on running win 10 pro the 970 in ? is a 4GB card
  14. gaming pc starting out with my phenom 2 945 with 16gb ram and a GT640 graphics this Maxtor 300GB IDE ata 133 drive is to slowwwww lol was debating either 2 MX200 250gb in raid 0 or 500gb single price is almost the same 500gb for 175ish or 250gb for 95ish each
  15. gonna use my phenom x4 945 3.0ghz for a midline gaming rig with 16gb ddr 3 1600 (4x4) and msi gt 640 2gb vid card ? is should I run a single ssd or multiple in raid 0 or raid 10? crucial MX 200 250 GB is 94.99 on newegg at moment or 4 in raid 0
  16. sorry about where I placed the ? ing thanks for the response. my major question is ... what is the difference with a dual cpu dual core opteron 265 running at 1.8ghz per cpu with ddr 1 pc 3200 ecc or a single phenom 2 945 Deneb running at 3.0GHz on ddr 3 1600.. either board can use my msi gt 640 2GB pci express 3.0 x16 graphics card
  17. my 2 WD red 6 TB and my 1TB 2.5 inch have been running strong 24/7 since I rebuilt my xeon
  18. my second question in this is if the mobo and cpus r dead what could be a good replacement for a workstation for basic to high end graphics? I still have my socket am3 phenom 2 945 with 16gb gskill ram and my gt 640 is still working the phenom is a quad core
  19. I have an Asus k8n-DL motherboard with 2 opteron 265 1.8ghz dual core cpu but itonly has 1.8gb ram and ddr 1 ram is getting hard to find. my ? is should I try rebuilding it or start over with something newer as a single chip solution.
  20. Hey Christopher I saw server 2012 R2 essentials Academic edition on newegg for 299.99. just curious what is required to buy this version over the standard essentials oem ? I'm not in school at the moment. is that a requirement?
  21. I'm running xeon 1246 V3 socket 1150 and its an awesome chip.
  22. just give me a heads up on what is a good time for you cris and ill double check with my wife and make sure I'm free...
  23. I'm liking the netgear Nighthawk X6 triband (R8000)
  24. should I look at dual or tri band wireless AC?
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