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  1. Ryo

    HDDs for DrivePool

    ive decided on the Samsung 850 pro 128 gb ssd for my os drive . next ? is what is a feeder drive and do I need one ? ill be running primarily wd red drives for the stablebit data pool/scanner also what os is best win 7 pro, win 8.1 pro or wait for win 10 pro? love the win 10 preview...
  2. Ryo

    HDDs for DrivePool

    is it safe to run a SSD 24/7 for the OS? or will this wear out the SSD to fast? then I plan on WD RED as my data pool drives
  3. Ryo

    HDDs for DrivePool

    THanks Christopher my black drive is about 5 years old and I was debating a 2.5 inch 1TB red or a ssd. im liking the crucial M500 series for ssd but was afraid of all I read about the issues with writes and deletes. ive heard how this wears the drive down fast. Also the machine is going to basically sit and serve my drive pool which I'm planning on getting 3+TB red drives. so im not sure the performance boost is worth it for the os drive. im looking to also use windows 10 as my server os once It launches. also is 16gb ram enough or should I max the board out to 32gb? I will be using up to 512mb for the onboard video card.
  4. Ryo

    HDDs for DrivePool

    My server build Amd phenom 2 945 Deneb at 3.0gnz (AM3) Gskill 4 x4gb ddr 1600 ddr 3 ram Current os drive WD Black 1 TB sata 6gb/s data drive one 1TB wd green drivea I have a total of 6 sata 3 6gb/s ports my Question is should I upgrade to WD red or SSD for the OS? Im currently testing windows 10 This machine is running 24/7 as a home media server (music, Movies, files etc) Data will be on the WD red and or the green drive Any advise would be apreciated
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