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  1. //edit: Never mind! It just worked out of the blue. Such a great software, worth every penny! Hello, I currently move from Windows 2011 Home Server to Windows Server 2019 Essentials (both HP N54L Microserver, the new one was my spare) and am nearly done copying the files from one to the other via network. I keep using drivepool and the target system has an evaluation running just now. But because the drives in the new ones need to be exchanged one by the other after the transfer, I am willing to stop and switch to the 'easy' transfer you have noted above (I really should hav
  2. Thanks for your reply. I now use FFS to sync some folders to the external usb drive. A good solution for me, thanks again!
  3. Scanner tells me one of my 4 Volumes in Drivepool is having file system issues. Windows 2011 is not able to fix them because Drivepool is using it, so I decided to remove this specific drive from the pool and scan it later instead of forcing the diskscan and bring confusion into the pool. Is this the preferred way of doing so? If not what should be done instead?
  4. I am very new to drivepool, but a quick search did not look up what I searched for. I have a Microserver running Windows 2011 with a pool of 4 x 3TB drives. Some folders are switched to beeing duplicated and others not (where it would not be so bad the get lost). What I look for now is a mirror of specific directories onto an external USB drive with 4TB but not the complete pool. Could this be done? I yes how? Thanks in advance for every answer. Maybe I could not be done with drivepool so another tip would be helpful too.
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