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  1. That seems to have fixed it, thanks otispressly! Been using DrivePool for about a year now and have had zero issues, love how easy it is to setup and maintain.
  2. Ahh, excellent. I was confusing the volume equalizer with the disk space equalizer. Got it installed and it seems to be adjusting my balance. I'll post back if there are any issues. Thanks!
  3. So I recently updated my HTPC drivepool from 2x 320GB, 1x 1TB, and 1x 3TB hard drives by swapping the 320's and 1TB for 3x 3TB's. Decided to enable duplication for some sanity checking (would hate to have to redownload everything) and everything went smoothly. Old drives were removed from the pool quickly enough, new drives added, everything is duplicated and working fine. But I've noticed that DrivePool seems to be filling the original 3TB more than the other drives, instead of an equal distribution of files as I would except. So, is this correct? I haven't changed any default balan
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