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  1. I want to use Stablebit Scanner, but have found myself going in circles with it. No amount of chkdsks find erros but SBS will. No matter what I do, can't seem to resolve these issues. Even tried the newest beta. Not quite sure how to reset a damaged file system status so it's healthy again,
  2. I noticed my firewall logs are showing that bitflock.com connection isn't secure. Is their site offline?
  3. Came across this thread. Am having same issue with Stablebit Scanner on a WSE12R2 box. SBS reports File System Damaged despite repeated Windows chkdsk /f and /r passes not reporting any issues. Even if I mark all blocks unchecked and initiate a scan with SBS, it says File System Damaged. Not sure how to override the damaged file system error? Please advise. Thanks.
  4. I too have been experiencing this issue with Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 (WSE12R2). If I uninstall SB DrivePool completely and remove my Lian Li EX-503 external drive enclosure from my system, Windows Server Backup runs flawlessly and reliably. However upon installing the latest production release of SB DP on the WSE12R2 box and reattaching the EX-503, the WSB completes unsuccessfully and consistently makes reference to: the bootfile is too small to support persistent snapshots. Not only am I not trying to backup the Drivepool itself, I'm also not trying to backup to the Drivepool. Rather my WSB runs and backs up my OS to a designated HDD. I hate being unable to run SB DrivePool but it's frustrating.
  5. Hi - I recently got a Lian Li EX-503 external drive enclosure to use with Stablebit Drivepool. Am running WSE12R2 on a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H mobo with the latest Intel USB3 drivers. Unfortunately, I cannot get this mobo to properly recognize the EX-503 unit. Windows OS detects it but it's shown up as an unknown USB device in Device Manager with Code 43 (Set Addressed Failed) error. What USB3 pci-e card, if any, is compatible with Drivepool that also supports port multipliers? I could not locate a documented list of supported USB3 or eSata pci-e cards. Thanks.
  6. Drashna, yes, I've installed the WHS2011 version (.wssx extension). When I open the Essentials R2 dashboard, it registers under the Applications tab as being installed. However, if I launch the dashboard in safe mode as suggested, I'm prompted with a list of availabe Add-ins. Stablebit Scanner is not among those listed. It worked fine in Essentials, but so far not in R2. Would prefer to use the add-in than installing the full version if possible. Thanks! EDIT: 2/25/14 - for others who may be experiencing this same issue under WS2012E-R2 OS, support just provided me a new BETA build of the .wssx that specifically addressed my issue. Now the expected StableBit Scanner tab is available via the server Dashboard.
  7. I ran Stablebit Scanner under Windows Server 2012 Essentials and the add-in appeared as a tab within the server dashboard. However I've since moved to Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 and installed the same add-in but no such add-in tab appears in the dashboard. Though it does say on the website that it's compatible. Did I do something wrong? Or am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks.
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