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  1. I know this is an older post - but exactly the situation I have. I have a WHS 2011 with 7 drives in the pool. 6 are 4TB drives and I just upgraded an old 2TB to an 8TB. After 48 hours only a few (newly saved) files are on the 8TB. All of my 4TB drives have roughly 500 GB free (so approx 1/8th free on each - all 6 of the 4's are balanced). I plan to upgrade 2 of the 4's to 6 TB drives - but was going to wait for DrivePool to move files around - assuming I'd have less files on 2 of the 4's and therefore removing them from the pool would go faster. Apparently that isn't the case. I'm thi
  2. I'll have to wait until I get home as the remote access is slow and sounds like I'll need to figure some stuff out. Thanks for the screenshot. I'll poke around when I get back and circle back if more questions. Thanks again
  3. I guess I'll have to do some research? I'm logged onto the Server as the Administrator (via RDP) and it's WHS 2011 - so whatever the default security settings are for WHS 2011 would be active. If I knew how to embed/include screenshots in these forum posts - I could send you some screenshots - easier than trying to describe the multitude of settings/advanced/edit windows..
  4. I noted in my initial reply that there is no "Change Properties" tab. I can't access the PC at home via TeamViewer as its in sleep mode...so will have to wait until the morning. I will let you know what options/tabs I do have.
  5. OK - can't follow your steps above as I don't have a "Change Properties" tab... I did look at 2 movie folders under the SECURITY tab and see a difference. Not sure how to attach screenshots to these forum posts - but here's what I see. For a movie folder that the HTPC user account CAN access: - I see all my Server user ID's in the "Group or User names" listing - with the appropriate permissions. For a movie folder that the HTPC user CANNOT access: - the HTPC user name is NOT in the list - instead there is a listing for "Account Unknown". So somehow the HTPC user is missing f
  6. Sounds like I need to be logged onto the server locally and do this from an Explorer window? I'm travelling and only have the norm remote access. Something more odd happened after I deleted the User account and recreated it. Now that user has access to certain shares that it should have access to - but WITHIN those shares, some folders are blocked? Example: I have a Share named "Videos" - within that share are various folders and sub-folders. The user can access all the way down to the individual Movie folders - but now SOME of the movie folder (specifically seems to be the most re
  7. I'm not sure if this is a WHS 2011 issue or a DrivePool issue? I just realized that user accounts I've setup are able to access ALL shares - even those those user accounts are setup with "No Access" for various shares. I've tried resetting the permissions for several users - and under the shares - reset the permissions for the users - no luck. I even DELETED a user account on WHS and verified the user account on a home PC couldn't access the server at all (when I click on the server in Network - it prompts me for a username/password) - then I added the account back in - and setup the permis
  8. Here's my scenario: - I have 7 drives in my pool - all are 4TB except for one 2TB. - I have 5.8 TB free in total - All drives were added last week and early this week (well I added several NEW and then swapped out old 2 TB drives). - The first 4 drives (one of which is the 2TB) each have 135 GB of free space - so obviously DrivePool balanced these out. - Of the remaining 3 drives, one has 414 GB free and the last 2 added (I know this based on the drive volume naming scheme) each have 2.44 TB free. So it seems DrivePool "balanced" the last 2 - 4TB drives out also - but does this
  9. Gotcha...could be. Definitely would not have filed that away for long term use ;-) Thanks again. I have both servers back up and running - pulling my old green 2TB's and replacing with Red 4 TB's...lots of room to grow now.
  10. Can't find my DrivePool License # :(

  11. Definitely didn't share it manually It was there as soon as I added the Drive to the pool. Odd. I stopped sharing and all is good.
  12. As a followup to the last posting - I'm assuming I can just remove the "E" entry from being a shared item to resolve this - although not sure how it showed up there in the first place. The drive is listed as part of the pool and the total pool size definitely includes it. Thanks for the help/
  13. Here's the screenshot - see the first item in the listing...thats the new Drive Letter http://imgur.com/LOivdzP
  14. In addition to the 2 preceding posts - I was looking at the Dashboard and see that the new drive was added to the Pool, the size increased, the Pool tab shows the drive is part of the Pool - but in the "ServerFolders" tab - it shows the new drive - by Drive letter (E:\) as being a new ServerFolder? Under NAME it lists "E" - under LOCATION it lists 'E:\" I don't understand why it's showing up there this way - never had a new drive added to the pool show up here?
  15. Oh, additional last question. On the new/second server - I turned of duplication for now on ALL folders (most are empty) - so I could remove some old drives and make room for new ones. The data on the OLD drives being moved into the new server have Duplication turned on. My assumption is that once I moved the Share folders / data into the "ServerFolders" folder (which as noted above I will need to create) on the newly added drive - and restart the DrivePool service - then DrivePool will start to delete the dupe files on the new drives? I ultimately DO want those files to remain duplica
  16. Gotcha - perfect. One last question...in the link provided above it says to move the files into the newly created \PoolPartxxx folder on the added drive. But shouldn't I be moving the files into the \PoolPartxxx\ServerFolders\ folder? IE: I have all my files from the old server in the original "ServerFolders" folder - and within the ServerFolders folder - they are saved in the SAME folder names as the existing Shares on the second server. Or do the instructions imply that? I'm assuming If I move the entire "ServerFolders" folder into the new \PoolPartxxx folder - I should be set.
  17. I don't use ANY USB with my Home Server - just an external Drive enclosure that holds 4 drives - connected to the server with an eSATA cable. The server sees all 4 drives individually (port multiplier enabled). So I've never had any issues on the server. In the past I've been able to drop a server drive in an external enclosure and connect to my laptop either via USB or eSATA with no issues...so this error message I received last night was very weird. Working fine now that I changed to the eSATA cable.
  18. I guess stopping the DrivePool service ensures that DrivePool doesn't jump in and start balancing/duplicating while you're copying stuff in. Thanks for the tips. Other somewhat related question: I have the BIOS on my HP server set to allow hot swapping of drives (standard BIOS doesn't allow) - so I'm assuming I should be able to add drives in real time w/o having to shut down and restart the server. I will probably shut down to be safe though...
  19. Thanks Carlo - makes sense. Did you stop the DrivePool service when copying into the new pool?
  20. Well, I never got around to doing the above back in December...too much work/travel etc. So I'm now going to attempt this. But in thinking about it - since I don't plan to use the "old" DrivePool again on these drives or on the server they're coming from - can I just RENAME the "PoolPartxxx" folder to something generic like "Files" and then once those drives are added to the second server - and added to the DrivePool - then do the file moves? I'm assuming it's ok to rename the old PoolPartxxx folders on the drives being moved into the second server. Thanks!
  21. I am trying to access the data on a drive form my DrivePool. I placed the drive in an external enclosure and fired it up - the drive is recognized by Windows fine and I can see the PoolPartxxxx folder - but when I try to open the folder I get a message: Window Title: "Location is not available" Window text: It lists the PoolPart folder name and then says "is not accessible" - the next line says "The Parameter is incorrect" So I googled and found nothing related to DrivePool with that error - some posts noted to run Chkdsk - but when I do that I get an error "The type of File system
  22. Gotcha! I understand what you mean now. I had data on the second partition of the main drive (I shouldn't have added it to the pool initially) - so I'm waiting on DrivePool to finish migrating that data over to one of the other drives (the drives I'll be physically moving back to Server #1). Once that migration is done - I'll be moving the drives. I'll report back if any questions but sounds like it should go fairly smoothly. Thanks for the tips.
  23. ok, so since I already have PoolPart folders on these disks - adding them to the original server will create a second pool - so sounds like I should FIRST - move all the data on those drives OUT of the PoolPart folders BEFORE I connect those drives to the original server so that doesn't happen. So technically - those drives become just like the ones used in this posting then? http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489 Still not clear on your last statements above - I wasn't planning to REMOVE any disks on either server...was just going to move the disks from Server #2 over
  24. I had found that posting and it sounded like it might be what I need to do. So basically I already have the "PoolPArt" folders on Server #2 - but when I move those drives over to the first server and add them to that pool - DrivePool will create NEW "PoolPart" folders... So to clarify - once I STOP the DrivePool service and delete everything in C:\ProgramData\StableBitDrivePool. I then reboot the server - which should start the service again on the reboot - correct? The instructions in the post say to start the service again...will I need to if I reboot?
  25. Couldn't find this topic in the forums...not sure what to search for? I have an existing Server with 8 x 2TB drives. I want to upgrade to larger drives (3's & 4's) so I setup a secondary server (had one kicking around) and installed 4 new (larger) drives, installed Drive Pool on server #2 and moved a ton of data from server #1 to server #2 - then I removed 2 drives from server #1. So can I pull the two empty/removed drives in server #1 and put in 2 of the new/larger ones from server #2 (with the moved data) and integrate them back into the existing pool on server #1? Of will Dri
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