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  1. Okay folks, I believe I have solved my own issue. Apparently since all of my pool drives have no letters and whatever latest Windows updates may have caused all the drives to dismounted. My many attempts to uninstalled/reinstalled Drivepool could not bring the pool drives back. The way to fix my issue of missing drives is: - Diskpart - Enable Automount - Reboot All the drives magically came back YAY!
  2. First time, a few days ago, Uninstall Drivepool, reboot and re-install Drivepool worked. Now, the same sequence does not work anymore as I tried multiple times. Chris mentioned Windows upgrade might have caused issues with the driver. My pool has 28 drives and it shows: I need some helps ASAP please... Thanks
  3. I have been experienced this same issue for the last couple of days. All the drives are missing. Is there a fix? Since this is the second time of this week it happened.
  4. Thanks Drashna, Resetting Drivepool worked. I am not sure if you still want me to upload the dump file. Taylor
  5. Hi Guys, I hope you can help me. I was working on rearranging my server and moved a couple drives to different ports. Somehow I ended up with them showing on both pooled and non-pooled locations. Anyone know how I can fix it? Please see screenshot. Thanks, Taylor
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