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  1. Hi, I have just changed my home server to Windows 7 from WHS2011. I need to share the folders across my network for read/write access do I just share the serverfolders directory on the Drivepool virtual drive? I seem to remember reading years ago that it was not a good idea to do that? Many Thanks in Advance For Any Help
  2. That's cool as that is how my setup is configured anyhow :-D Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi, I have some USB disks that I would like to use purely for Duplication, If I specify a USB drive to do this and the file is accessed does drivepool "offer" the file from the drive that has the files on it rather than the duplicated files?
  4. Ok, so basically it is because of what I said in Post #3 I have another server on my network with Scanner installed on it...seems crazy that scanner checks for network installs on a program that needs to monitor/scan local drives but hey ho! I had to shut that server down to be able to install it on my 2nd server! I also have 2 scanner notification's in my taskbar as well which is a bit annoying but at least it is now installed....
  5. Hi, Unfortunately those steps cannot work for me... Follow: Q7200705 - Done Open Programs and Features from the Start menu (type it). - Done Uninstall StableBit Scanner, if listed. - Not Listed Open the Dashboard to the add-ins tab and remove StableBit Scanner, if listed. - Get "An Unexpected Error Has Occured" Delete everything in C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scannner.- No Such Directory Delete everything in C:\Program Files (x86)\StableBit\Scanner.No Such Directory Delete C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\Addins\Primary\StableBitScanner.addin.No Such Directory I then try to install scanner & I get the following error
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply... I have followed all of the above steps and I am still in the same position... under add-ins on my dashboard it still shows scanner & drivepool and I get the same error trying to uninstall them. I have uninstalled drivepool through the control panel & reinstalled it and it now works, but if I try to uninstall it again through the dashboard I get the same error (An Unexpected Error Has Occured) I am however unable to reinstall scanner as i get a message telling me it is already installed on the server and computers on the network. (It is installed on my other sever which is also on my network but I cannot see why this would stop me installing it?) It shows up as installed on my dashboard just like drivepool but again I get that same unexpected error has occured when trying to uninstall it. Many Thanks
  7. Hi, I recently purchased another copy of Drivepool for my 2nd server running WHS2011 I have installed the latest RC build (Version 1) and cannot see any tab for it in the windows dashboard but it is showing as installed on the add-ins list. I tried to remove to re-install again but it throws an error.. can anyone help me out please as I am stuck now :-( Cheers
  8. Many Thanks for your reply, I am adding another 4TB over the next few days but yes I would like to swap the files so that only duplicated files are on the 2 drives in question, I know I am nearly full but why doesn't drivepool swap the files around? I still have space on the two drives in question? Here are my main settings
  9. Hi, I can only imagine I am not understanding this properly? I have been reading but getting myself more confused :-( If you look at my screenshot you can see that STARTECHDISK12 & USB3_1TB have got Duplicated & Unduplicated files on them.. I have specifically asked (by ticking the box) not to have unduplicated files on these disks but it seems to be ignored? I am sure I am doing something wrong or not understanding can somebody please explain? Many Thanks
  10. I have found the problem........... It was my folder called "Video Pool" which was created at the same time as all the others via the WHS2011 Dashboard I tried enabling then disabling duplication on all my folders to see if that would do anything, I was able to do this on all folders except Video Pool, as soon as I clicked "change duplication" it would appear as if it had worked but the duplication status would always say "no" I copied all the content into a newly created folder & then deleted the video pool folder & now all is back to normal! the duplication is showing 1kb which I can live with :-) Guess I will never know what caused the corruption but I am just glad it is resolved.... Thank you so much for all your support, I really cannot fault your service!
  11. Nope, I do not use server backup, I used a seperate hard disk for ghosting instead
  12. Hi, I have uploaded the memory Dump & the error log (seperately with the description of "Unexplained Duplication" ) I have deleted everything in the programdata to reset settings I left it overnight to settle and I now have 1.25TB of duplicated data with no folders set to duplicate! so it has increased! I look forward to your replies :-) Thank You
  13. Hi, I sorry remeasuring is what I did, I meant that but typed re-index by mistake... it didn't make any difference Drive K:\ had nothing in the bin and I am not sure what you mean by "snapshots" ? I am in the process of removing disks formatting them and then adding them back to the pool one by one... Hoping there will be a faster solution :-)
  14. Hi, On my WHS2011 server I uninstalled the V1 & installed the V2, I played for a few weeks and decided I prefer the V1 so uninstalled V2 & installed V1 Everything went well except V1 remember some hard drives I had installed at the time before I installed V2 I removed those drives and all my data is still intact but I have 985GB of Duplicated Data that I am unable to get rid of? Is there a way of "cleaning" or something similar? I have already tried to re-index with no joy.
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