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  1. unfortunately, didn't make a difference, still limited to about 700mbps
  2. It would be great to allocate some dis space (say 10TB/disk or something) that would be a dedicated folder or even drive letter for striped writes. This would be great for usenet/torrent downloads, or when your bandwidth exceeds a single disk performance, or when unpacking PAR files. That way I could unpack directly in the stripped pool space and then just move the files to the standard pool space. Or another option would be to make all writes striped and then have the duplication / movement of files to a single disk happen in the background so you could have immediate access to the files with the advantage of having them unpacked faster.
  3. Ok did that, CMD output "OK" so I assume that did it. still capping out at 730ish mbps. Do I need to run that on the client machine as well?
  4. Would there be any benefit to duplicating game data so you can do striped reads? optimal amount of duplications?
  5. basically an optimization question. I tested all 4 of the disks in my pool with Scanner, they all did about 250-350MB/s, so my USB controllers are good. I enable jumboframes on both the host and clients. Internal SSD has fantastic performance 600MB/s to the buffers and sustains 250-300MB/s after that. I have network i/o boost on, but I cannot get more than about 600Mb/s over the gigabit network, and I'm expecting to get 900+ with overhead. Any tips at things I should look at?
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