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  1. Hi all, I've got an old DrivePool license on a mini server that is never used so I was thinking of transferring to my Win11 machine. I have 5 SSDs (ranging from 500GB to 2TB in size, all same speed 500MB read/write) and basically all of them store games among other rubbish. I figured how nice it would be to have one massive drive on "This PC". I'm wondering does DrivePool have cause any issues if I have games on the pool? I can't tell if it could be beneficial like a RAID0 setup where performance is actually better in a pool, or if theres losses. To be picky; im not really interested in "you wont notice a difference" etc. Like if loading Final Fantasy 14 on a DrivePool incurs a 50 millisecond increase in load time, thats still a performance loss. I'd love to hear the numbers or metrics if there are any! Thanks
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