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  1. Yes -- through the GUI. And, your response is right on point. Having DrivePool re-balance to another drive I intend to remove from the pool eventually, is clearly not efficient. So, I'll give the Drive Usage Limiter a go for the next step in this process. Sounds like this should reduce the overall time required, regardless of whether I make changes one drive at a time, or several at once.
  2. I've been busy re-jiggering my drives after migrating a server from Windows Home Server 2011 (with DrivePool) to Windows 10. Several drives have SMART warnings, so I'm in the process of removing them from the pool and adding replacements. It's going fine, but I've been doing them one at a time, which is a tad slow. My question is, for those that have actually done it before -- is it OK to add and remove multiple drives at the same time from DrivePool?
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