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  1. Update: The first drive just finished mounting. And right now, the situation is that the amount of data that was previously stored as 'Cached' is now in 'To Upload'...Is this the expected behavior? Shouldn't be enough to invalidate the read cache? why is it being uploaded again? Hi Christopher, After an unexpected reboot on my computer, Cloud Drive is taking so long to recover my 3 drives (GDrive). After reading a couple threads apart from this one, I reckon that cache size is what mostly affects here. But, should the cached data (read cache) matter here? Or only the 'To Upload' part (write cache)? Or both?. In my case, two out the three drives had practically nothing in 'To upload', and they're also taking lots of time. In order to reduce recovery time in case of computer 'unsafe' reboot, should I reduce both cache-types? Thank you very much
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