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  1. Well, this is embarrassing. Finally realized I was logged into the wrong gmail email account for the Google Drives *slaps head*. Wanted to delete this post but can't seem to find the delete option, but maybe its best it stays up so my error will help someone else whos brain was running on autopilot and signed in with the wrong gmail email hah.
  2. Hey all, Tried to search google / forum for a solution to this but no dice. So I've got clouddrive setup on one PC but I'm trying to migrate it to another machine. I deactivated clouddrive on machine 1 and activated it on machine 2, as well as authorized google drive on machine 2. Problem is, it does not load the settings from the previous machine install w/attached drives. I tried to move all 4 (cloudpart.*) drives which are shown as 60TB a piece (though around 2gb on disk) with no luck. Hoping someone here has a solution so I can get these drives working on machine 2 so I can finally power down machine 1 and save energy / wear'n'tear, thanks!
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