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  1. Hi, I am currently considering my options for a new storage volume and I have just run across this product. I am trying to decide between implementing DrivePool or going with a more traditional RAID solution. Something that attracts me to software or hardware mirroring is the fact that I expect to have many drives and the possibility that I can get better I/O performance through mirroring and striping over many columns. Regarding DrivePool performance, I do see claims on the website that data duplication will improve performance by reading from more than one source at a time. However, it
  2. I'm new to the product and didn't see this answered in the thread, but does this mean that the SSD cache can be configured for multiple SSD drives in order to speed up writes? I.E. If my maximum degree of duplication is 2x and I am willing to install two SSDs as a cache, will writes of duplicated files be optimized? Also, how does space utilization work for SSD cache drives? Does the space still get used for general storage in the pool? Is there a way to configure the amount of drive space that should be kept free for write optimization?
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