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  1. Yup, had the same catastrophic data loss with Storage Spaces under almost exactly those same conditions. SSD plugin is great, especially if you have slower drives for permanent storage.
  2. I have 11 drives in a 100TB pool, 4 of them are in a USB enclosure, also used for a Plex server. I don't even try to place directories on specific drives anymore. I've surrendered completely to DrivePool and it's been totally stable for years now. I only allow Duplicated files on the USB drives so the content will usually be pulled from faster ones in the main box, but that's the only micromanagement I do. You can also change your file balancing rules later if you need to move things out for some reason. I love this software. Fast, reliable, solves a real problem, so much better than
  3. Just be sure to decide your file placement strategy ahead of time if you want certain directories on certain drives. If you don't specify, your files will spread out EVERYWHERE arbitrarily across all your drives and it will take a lot of manual work if you ever need to break up your pool.
  4. Yes, I did this eight times with eight different hard drives when I first moved over to DrivePool. I was shocked at how easy it was and how well it worked. Once you move the files into the hidden directory, the software will index them and add them to your pool. Then you can let the system rebalance between drives over time.
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