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  1. I recently added a shucked 12TB WD Elements drive and added it to a four bay enclosure connected to my PC via USB3. Before shucking, I ran several tests and confirmed that the drive is in good condition without any errors. However, once I added it to my current pool, I quickly noticed that balancing is incredibly slow in the range of 10-20 MB/s while also sending the drive's activity to 100%. What's strange is that it will typically start around 70-90 MB/s (and drive activity to about 60-70%) and after roughly one minute, the speeds plummet down. I have several terabytes of Linux ISOs to move and at this rate it will take days when it should maybe take a couple hours and not to mention any other balancing in the future. I have enabled the Increase Priority button and it hasn't made a difference. What's strange is that I have manually moved files from disks that are within the pool and both disks max out to transfer speeds of 120 MB/s (with drive usage around 40-60%) but as soon as I use the DrivePool software to balance, the high speeds disappear. One thing to note is that two of my other 4TB drives do not experience this issue when balancing to each other, only to the new 12TB drive. I have tried increased priorities, removing and re-adding disks, added an SSD cache to see if that would help, reinstalling the DrivePool software, search all over Google, but nothing has worked and this is my last attempt before I accept my slow and tedious fate. I have attached an image of my current pool and several log files from the past few days and here's an album of my Balancers and their respective settings: https://imgur.com/a/UqIWcrU. Any help and guidance will be welcome. DrivePool.Service-2020-07-21.log DrivePool.Service-2020-07-22.log DrivePool.Service-2020-07-23.log DrivePool.Service-2020-07-20.log
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