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  1. If you want to remove the "DNT" drives from view then remove the drive letter from Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Storage>Disk Management Right click on the drive partition in question and choose to change drive letter and paths and remove the current drive letter. If you still potentially want to access the data but in a less obvious way you can create a new folder somewhere like c:\mount\DNT1 and add this as a mount point by using the add button and NTFS folder option in the same dialogue box that you used to remove the drive le
  2. Thanks @srcrist that's an interesting idea, I see that there's a topic that discusses nested pools, I'll have a read.
  3. More of a suggestion rather than a question. I've got 4 local drives and 1 CloudDrive in my pool, space on the CloudDrive is very limited so I only want to store specific folders (My Documents) in there. That folder was duplicated twice already (locally) and, using a folder filter, I have blocked all other folders from being stored in the cloud. I changed the duplication of the 'My Documents' folder to x3 thinking that this would then duplicate to the cloud but instead it duplicated locally again. To force duplication to the cloud I needed to set the duplication to x5. Whilst this works I don'
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