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  1. OK I think I can answer this myself but a confirmation my understanding is correct, would be helpful. I see the new folders now, including "steam", but it's within those "PoolPart" folders. That there's another folder outside of it ("lightroom") must have been a leftover from before I added these drives to DrivePool. Everything created through the pooled drive, will sit within the "PoolPart" container.
  2. This is probably a newbie question. I've setup DrivePool, added 4 drives to it. I mapped each individual drive to an empty NTFS folder so I can still access the drives standalone. Now I added a few initial folders to it, for example "steam". Everything is working as it should: I see the new folders in Explorer in the pooled drive, I see it in DrivePool UI (under Balancing / File Placement). But what I don't understand is why I don't see these folders when accessing the standalone drive folders. See below the screenshot of the drive folder trees. It should be under the "ssd_2tb" folder. But it's not there: I don't need to see it on the individual drives generally, but I do want to ensure it's working as it should and I understand it before is start putting all my data in the pool. Thanks!
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