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  1. I think I actually figured it out... I followed that link for the moving of the data and reassigned the letters (So my Plex server didn't have to rescan all the media). "D:" now shows the data available for duplication in the "A:" pool and I've set it up to not balance. Looks like it's duplicating to the "H:" CloudDrive now successfully!
  2. Hi there, I know this is super old but I'm currently working on a very similar setup. I have multiple drives in a pool currently. This is called "A:" I just purchased CloudDrive (Assigned to "H:" and would like to get it setup to mirror that pool. I made another pool assigned "D:" which has "A:" in it, along with the cloud "H:". When i turn on duplication for "D:", nothing happens. It shows all the data in "A:" as "other". Any advice?
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