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  1. Concise Summary: I attempted to remove two drives from the pool, selected the "duplicate files later" option prior to doing so. Came back to my computer the next day and the first drive had an error because there wasn't enough space in the pool to remove the drive, but DrivePool was still attempting to remove the second drive, and was 41% complete. I cancelled the removal of the second drive prior to completion. Additionally, I unseeded all of the drives. Now it appears folders and subfolders have been totally messed up across the drives. Some parent folders are duplicated, while only certain
  2. Update, I played around with some Windows Firewall settings, and was able to increase the read speed on my drives by 50-100%, however, that was not enough to prevent stuttering during video playback (e.g. I'm still below 40mb/s). I also purchased a network switch in order to eliminate the combo Comcast router/modem from the chain. Still having the same stuttering issues when playing from a drive within DrivePool, but when I simply remove the drive from the pool, and access the same file without changing anything else, video playback works just fine. Something just isn't working correctly with
  3. I have several external hard drives pooled together by DrivePool, which contain full backups of my UHD-BD collection. I'm using the Windows 10 PC on which the DrivePool is located as an NFS NAS. The PC is connected to a router via ethernet cable and the router is also connected to an UHD-BD player via ethernet. I can browse the DrivePool and select files via the UHD-BD player, however playback stutters and audio cuts in and out. If I simply remove a hard drive from DrivePool, and access that same drive separately from the UHD-BD player, all files on the removed drive playback without any issue
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