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  1. Yea I have smashed the "FF arrow" button over 100x... and closed all other programs... still no change
  2. I'm having the same symptoms exactly (20-25MB/s) balancing while file transfer are over 200MB/s Unfortunately for me, even after clicking the arrow over 100x, it is still slow
  3. I'm getting 25MB/s balance speeds on WD Red drives that will typically transfer at 200-250MB/s with windows. I'm reading the speed from Stablebit Scanner. Definitely frustrating
  4. I'm running a Plex server currently with 8 HDDs in 2x4 bay boxes. I have some hard drives allocated to TV, and others allocated to Films. I'd like to have files written to the drives in consecutive writes to reduce fragmentation and to begin filling drives one after the other. What's the best way to do this? Just bought a new 18TB drive to add to the Films pool. I'd like to start by filling it up with content currently in the pool, and then begin to fill up the next highest capacity drive, and so on. How can I optimize this going forward?
  5. I am trying to balance 6 drives in a single media pool as follows: 2 - Many Folders with small files 3-4 - TV folder 5-7 - Films folder I want the TV folder and the Films folder to balance by filling up each drive and then moving to the next drive. Ex. fill up drive 4, then start filling drive 5. When drive 5 is filled then move to drive 6. I also want to leave ~200GB free on each drive It seems to sort of work but as you can see from the screenshots it isn't working optimally. The drives do not fill up to the blue arrow. The blue arrows are all over the place on drives 5-7 with drive 5 being overfilled and drive 6 being underfilled. Running "rebalance" doesn't solve this. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. I'm getting 10MB/s balancing speeds on new 10TB WD Red Drives...
  7. I have 10TB of Movies to copy to a new drive. I want to make sure the files are transfered over as orderly as possible Does "rebalancing" write files sequentially to a new drive? If not should I instead transfer them another way
  8. Is there a way to have TV shows all copied to (say 3 drives) but written and balanced continuously in sequential order so they are not spread over multiple drives. And then have all films copied to different drives (say 5 drives) but also written and balanced in sequential order? I understand the "ordered file placement" plugin, but I dont see how to use that with different folders of content
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