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  1. What i wanted was basicly a bit more detailed guide. 1 how am i sure that my drives are using the api key? Test? can not find that info under the drives. 2 Could someone tell me show me where i could se the usage in google api dashboard And while i sounded angry really i was just a bit flustered and worried and cannot really see how i could protect myself from loosing my data. Hope someone can help me with a kind of test. Thanks
  2. Hi all. I have been the happy user of the clouddrive software for 2 years now. after a 3 month proff of concept i was happy. I moved all my data away from locally storage and have currently 50 Tb stored on goggle drive. I do not have 50 Tb of local storage anymore and would hate to change as that would take time and cost alot of money. Where is Covecube in this API issue? Why silent Why just blame Google? If all that is needed is to create a private API key why not just make a new updated version of this guide. Create a few test th
  3. HI Srcrist. Could you help me locate the original post where getting your own google api key is located? I think i did this about a year ago but wanted to check. the provider setting should have changed away from default but want to make sure.
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