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  1. Can anybody help with using my own API key? The site doesn't look like it does in the screenshots anymore. Google must have udpated it. I have no idea what an API key is and I've been reading this for a half hour trying to figure it out. When I go to credentials, there is no "OAuth consent scren" If I back out of the API, there is stuff about OAuth consent screen, but it's asking me about internal vs. public stuff that the guide doesn't mention at all. I really don't want to screw this up, because I use this drive for storage but it is attached to a website I actually use. Looking over it again, none of the steps in that guide bring me to the pages suggested. I am extremely worried about my data right now, and I don't want to crash my website doing something stupid. Can anyone walk me through this step-by-step?
  2. Worried about Google Drive limits. See now that people are talking about it in another forum. Please delete.
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