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    CDEvans reacted to steffenmand in Google Drive returned error (internalError): Internal Error 36Z 368714467534   
    So weird, this seems to make it work on my end also!

    Just go to 

    Press "Enable" and afterwards go disable it again - voila it works.
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    CDEvans reacted to srcrist in GSuite Drive. Migration\Extension   
    A 4k (4096) cluster size supports a maximum volume size of 16TB. Thus, adding an additional 10TB to your existing 10TB with that cluster size exceeds the maximum limit for the file system, so that resize simply won't be possible. Volume size limits are as follows:
    Cluster Size
    Maximum Partition Size
    4 KB
    16 TB
    8 KB
    32 TB
    16 KB
    64 TB
    32 KB
    128 TB
    64 KB
    256 TB
    This is unfortunately not possible, because of how Cloud Drive works. However, a simple option available to you is to simply partition your drive into multiple volumes (of a maximum 16TB apiece) and recombine them using DrivePool into one large aggregate volume of whatever size you require (CloudDrive's actual and technical maximum is 1PB per drive). 
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