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    How to unmount Pool

    im no expert but what if you uncheck it up top? See attsched screenshot
  2. Hello, Now i know this comes up alot just from reading the forums but i for one am not here to complain. I feel like i figured it out but its still not working properly for some odd reason, Let me get into the details and please refer to the attached screenshots. I am using the Ordered file placement balencer exlusivly. I have 4 drives that are labeled simply Media 1 Media 2 Media 3 Media 4 This is my pool and they are in that order. Im trying to achevie what many other users are trying to acheive which is keep certains folders together and for me, that is simply tv show seasons. I do not care if it spreads movies across the drives in fact i want that, but i want to keep TV shows together so what i did was create a rule that says all TV shows stay on Media 2 and all movies can be spread accross the remaining 3 drives. My settings are such so that the drives fill up to 90% or 60GB free and media 1 is set to be the first drive that fills up and currently has 512GB free yet drivepool is still putting movies on Media 3 and Media 4. Well why isnt it filling up Media 1 as are my settings? It also keeps telling me that there is X amount of data that could not be moved because it could not find a suitable destination, check that there is enough space yada yada. This is false, the suitable destination is Media 1 and has plenty of space, currently its complain it cant move 15GB to said drive, why? At this point i fully prepared to take the blame and says its my settings which is why i have provided the screenshots, do you see anything i am doing wrong? If not, whats the fix? ** I guess i cant attach all these files due to size restrictions, please see my onedrive gallery. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoZHq6ui5vKmkK4Zyqq7bHYcjI75TA?e=DpbQQm
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