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  1. I formatted my machine and reinstalled windows. After reinstalling everything the pool drive showed up as it should and my pool was where it was before. Problem is I have a 500gb SSD that's perfectly healthy from another machine but i cant add it to the pool. If its unformatted with no partition, it shows up in the list. When I add it I get this error. If i try to create a simple partition and format it it works fine in windows, but Stablebit doesn't see it in the list to add! Any help is appreciated!
  2. So i have a Windows machine that has been running smoothly for a long time. Suddenly i got errors about my drive being full while download a very large file and i learned that i had some settings on my SSD wrong (or so i thought.) When i got in and made the recommended changes, i noticed why the balancer may have not kicked off. I have attached a screenshot of the actual drive in windows and the drive in Stablebit. Why would Stablebit think this drive is larger than it is? The others are fine. This is an SSD btw and the only one in the system. Thank you for any help! Im going to restart once i
  3. OK. Downloaded the equalizer plugin and did that after turning off the SSD application. That got my files where i needed them to be. Wish the SSD plugin had that ability! Still no answer on the schedule for duplication? Are these forums active at all? Thanks, Brandon
  4. Oh and here is my balancer snapshot. I thought Volume Equalization would do it... but no I didnt realize that was for volumes.... im a derp. I disabled that.
  5. Question 1. I have a single SSD for cache with the cache plugin. I was using the drive order deal to fill up the drive to 95% then move to the next one. I filled up two. I turned that off thinking it would re balance all the files to the other disks as i would like that to be the way moving forward, but those two disks stay at the 95% and everything new is balanced based on available drive space. Is there a way to force it to balance across ALL drives? Question 2. Is there a way to set a schedule for duplication? Say i want it to duplicate files at a certain time at night so i don't affec
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