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  1. Just tried that and it didn't help... my 6TB is now a 7.28TB hard drive LOL.
  2. I've noticed that DrivePool has detected this 6TB drive as slightly over 7TB... the exact number fluctuates occasionally. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks, I added my drive yesterday and it seems to be working perfectly.
  4. Hi all, I'm using DrivePool on Windows 7 64-bit. I started copying files to the DrivePool drive, then decided I needed more space, so I added another drive. Unfortunately, while it added succesfully, DrivePool continued adding data to the existing drives that were already being filled up. I decided to try something... I deleted all the data off all the drives, and then I copied files back into the pool, and now it started filling all the drives more evenly, including the drive I added. My concern is, tonight I'm adding another drive... 6TB, which is a bigger drive than I currently have in the pool (several 4TB, a 3TB, a bunch of 2TB, and a pathetic 500GB) and I want it to immediately start filling that disk... but I'm afraid it won't. Will it do that? Is it even supposed to do that? I'm not clear on that because I'm new to the DrivePool concept, although I have plenty of experience with hardware RAID, Linux software RAID (mdadm and ZFS) along with Windows Storage Spaces. Thank you for your input and this seems like a great product. I might move my primary NAS from Storage Spaces to DrivePool eventually. I do wish that there was a parity function built in, though I have read other posts on this forum regarding that and how it's perhaps outside of the scope of this product (and people have made their own solution with SnapRAID+DrivePool or whatever)...
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