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  1. denywinarto

    Bad drive causing BSOD

    1. Manually move all files to the outside of the poolpart.xxx folder on the bad disk so that drivepool can't see them any more. 2. Remove the old disk from DrivePool (it will be instantly complete since the poolpart folder is empty). 3. Insert new disk (new different PoolPart.xxx is created). 4. Manually copy the files from the old disk to the new poolpart folder on the new disk. I found out by doing this i didn't get BSOD compared to moving the disk using DP Above is why i think the BSOD is related to drivepool, what i'm worried about if one my drives go bad then it would
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  2. Managed to fix this today as my client was giving errors also. Install Beta version from here: http://dl.covecube.com/CloudDriveWindows/beta/download/ (I used 1344) Reboot. Don't start CloudDrive and/or service. Add the below to this file: C:\ProgramData\StableBit CloudDrive\Service\Settings.json "GoogleDrive_ForceUpgradeChunkOrganization": { "Default": true, "Override": true } Start Service & CloudDrive. Should kick in straight away. I have 42TB in GDrive and it went through immediately. Back to uploading as usual now. Hope this hel
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