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  1. steffenmand

    Drive Duplication

    Maybe this could be a slow process taking maybe maximum of 100 GB per day or something (maybe a limit you set yourself, where you showcase it would take ~X amount days to finish), with a progress overview. Having maybe 50 TB would be a huge pain to migrate manually, while i would be OK with just waiting months for it to finish properly - ofc. knowing the risk that data could be lost meanwhile as its not duplicated yet Would also make it possible to decide to change to duplication later on instead of having to choose early on with Google Drive it does limit the upload per day, so could be nicer to upload first and then duplicate later when you are not uploading anymore Another good feature could also just be an overview of how much you uploaded/downloaded from a drive in a single day - could be great to monitor how close you are to the upload limit on google drive drives
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