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Potential MacOS workaround for accessing shared drivepool



So since switching back to using Windows with DrivePool on my fileserver again a few weeks ago. We have been running into issues with MacOS clients accessing fileshares on it.  Browsing and especially creating folders/files, where they create, but then disappear until remount of the share. (One weird thing too is that if you type in a path for a folder and try to browse to it in finder or terminal, then you can't, but if you use terminal to copy a file you know the path of, it can do that.)

Been doing a lot of testing, and it seems like MacOS most reliably sees the content of volume with the lowest "\Device\HarddiskVolumeXX\" as seen in resource monitor.

The file creation problem can be help by using the SSD Optimizer plugin, and making sure that the volumes marked ssd has the lowest HarddiskVolumeXX. Which worked decently but didn't entirely fix the issuses. 

I have ended up creating a powershell script, that puts a filewatcher on the entire drivepool, so that every time a folder is created then on all drivepool drives, a folder is create, so no what drive MacOS gets the directory listing from, that folder exists, which seems to have fixed both folder, and somehow file creation problems.


(As mentioned in the bottom of the script a majority of it is from: https://powershell.one/tricks/filesystem/filesystemwatcher)

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Would you be able to explain how to implement this? I’m having the exact same problem and it’s killing me.  Inhave the SSD optimizer plugin running but don’t know how to set the hard disk numbers to lower numbers or how to implement the file watcher.  Would the file watcher need to be edited each time a new drive is added to the pool?

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