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Removed Drive from Pool and Set it to Duplicate files later / Now What?



So I am decommissioning a drive. K:/  I clicked Remove Drive from Pool and set the flag to "Duplicate Files Later" which removed the drive from the pool and made it standalone.  There is about 160GB remaining on the drive in the pool folder according to the tool.  Now DrivePool is indicating it is in the "Duplicating" process at 83% and taking forever (as one would expect).  I suspect that it is just moving files off the drive no longer in pool and distributing them across the other drives but I want to be certain. It's been running about 18 hours and the drive removed from pool isn't getting any smaller. Am I right here in assuming that DrivePool is moving files off it and redistributing them? Will the drive be empty when done or does it still retain the files from when it was in the pool indefinitely?  How can I check to ensure that the files were properly relocated or redistributed to the other drives?  What exactly is the process that occurs when clicking Remove and setting the flag to duplicate files later? Many thanks for your reply.

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