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Delay start of CloudDrive services on startup for VPN



I'm having an issue on startup wherein the CloudDrive service maps my cloud drive before my VPN has had a chance to connect.  Once the VPN does connect, the drive disconnects.  Errors about unsafe disconnect are generated, and the drive reconnects automatically a few seconds later.  This seems less than optimal, however, so I'd like to ensure the VPN is connected before the CloudDrive service maps the drive.

There are 2 services I see, StableBit CloudDrive Service and Stablebit CloudDrive Shutdown Service.  I tried changing the first to "Automatic (Delayed Start)" but it throws an error "The delayed auto start flag could not be set".  

Any other ideas?


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@jdwarne The only thing I can think of is manually starting the CloudDrive service after the VPN has already connected (I start mine manually for other reasons). That or having some program/app to start the service after (if such program exists). You may be able to create a script or batch file that does a delay count then calling start of the service. I've done this many ages ago but haven't done it since so it may take some testing.

The more important question: How stable is CloudDrive when (temporarily) losing internet connection? Even in this day and age when the first world is assumed to be connected all the time, I'm hoping it has resilient properties for when internet connection is lost and regained. Yours is one use case. Crappy WiFi is another. Can't even imagine if you're on a hotspot or 4G. 

@Christopher (Drashna)@Covecube Inc.care to enlighten us on CloudDrive's resiliency on "unsafe disconnects"?

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