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AirDC++ and locked files



Hi. I'm experiencing some problems with AirDC++ client having immense problems with accessing it's .lbd-files that it creates to store hash data.

I'm guessing that if/when re-balancing initiates, it disrupts the lock between AirDC and the files, some how.

I just tried to delete one of the files, and it said that StableBit DrovePool was using the file, which certainly explains why it can't do squat with it.

Only chance I seem to have is to reboot the computer, but when I do that, I lose all my hashed data and I have to start all over. This is the third time in a row that I'm attempting this now.

It's sad since I'm hashing quite a bit of data (Several TB in fact) and it takes enormous time to do this.

I've moved My Documents folder to an external disk initially, then later on I included this to the drivepool.

My mix of drives include 24 disks, of which one is an PCIe NVMe 500 GB SSD, and two 180 GB SATA SSDs, so there's quite a difference in speeds between the disks.

The other ones are mostly 2 TB Seagate, the rest are 4x 1 TB Seagate, 1x1 TB Apple (I think Toshiba, OEM model) and one 750 GB Seagate, all 2½", connected to SATA multiplier cards via Marvell 92xx SATA PCIe 1X controller, SSDs are not on the multiplier cards.

As a final test now, I've entered the balancing settings and specified that this AirDC folder is only to be put on the three SSDs and not the other disks. I ventured a guess that perhaps due to speed differences it could explain why the file lock was screwed up, and SSDs are much faster.
I also ticked the checkbox "Never allow files to be placed on any other disk", so I hope that helps.

I'll try a reboot soon, and see if it has to redo the hashing, and if it does I'll keep an eye out for it, and if it still behaves that way, I have no way but to move the documents folder elsewhere, unless anyone here could drum up a solution to this problem.




Edit: I should also mention that I'm running AirDC++ locally on this server while all other documents and its content are access to from another computer. The latter is not using the folder as frequently.

Edit 2: The other day I got fed up with the same problem, so I moved the entire documents folder to another disk, so I don't have this problem any longer.

Would still be interesting to know how this problem could appear, and what to do in order to prevent this in the future, should another application have the same problem.

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