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How do I improve efficiency? CloudDrive uploads 10x more data than the actual file size




I just watched StableBit CloudDrive upload at a steady 9Mbit/sec for 40 minutes to upload a 2.27GiB file.  It was the only transfer--I'm just testing out the product, hoping to use it with streaming video.  Now, I know there's gonna be some overhead, but that's nearly 10x the number of actual bytes in the file, so... I'm hoping I just have something configured wrong here?  It's not throwing any errors in the "Technical details" window or log.

Thanks in advance!

Target: Wasabi S3
Upload threads: 5
Upload throttling: 9Mbit/sec
Upload threshold: 1 MB or 5 min
Minimum download size: 20MB
Prefetch trigger: 20MB
Prefetch forward: 175 MB
Prefetch time window: 10 sec

Everything having to do with chunk size is 20MB, and NTFS cluster size is 16KB.

EDIT: Doh, I was doing my math wrong... Working as intended, never mind.

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