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Scanner Best Practices



I have a mix of "old" SSDs (OS and torrent landing drive), NVMe SSDs (primo cache, ssd optimization) and mechanical drives (archive/storage).

I have 4x 18TB drives, 2x 16TB, and 6x 4TB drives.  Right now it takes almost a solid week to scan all the drives.  During that time the WD Gold Drives overheat and take forever to finish (the 8yr old WD Red drives are fine though, go figure)

I'm looking for best practices on how often to scan, power settings, etc for the SSDs and Mechanical drives.  I'd like to try to extend the life of the drives as much as possible.

Is there a way to speed up the scans?  I'm getting 180-190MB/s on the larger drives, so they take like 18hrs to complete.

After losing 5 drives in a two week period I'm trying to ensure I have my settings optimized.

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My mechanicals scan at ~150-250MB/sec and will sometimes overheat in the summer, causing temperature equalization to kick in and the scanner moves to a different drive. But rarely will it ever throttle to 20MB/sec and actually scan slower than the drives' max speed. I did bump up the max rated temp to 55C in the scanner settings though. This is still conservative based on my drives' spec sheets--the scanner's default threshold is even lower.

When yours overheat, is it actually throttling or does it just change which drive it scans? If it's just moving to another drive at 180-190MB/sec then I don't see how you can make it go any faster.

I just expect the scanner to thrash my drives for about a week every month. I "only" have 32TB so I imagine yours would take quite a bit longer.

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It only throttles the WD Gold drives.  They are complete junk.  All of them were replaced once by WD already.  They claimed they sent me the "improved" version of the drives.  They are a bit faster and don't overheat as quickly, or as long, but the other ones overheated if there was even a single drive next to or above/below, and would only cool down if I turned the server off, so the bar was PRETTY low.

I posted another thread about some odd behavior I'm seeing in Scanner now too.  It keeps scanning drives it's already scanned.

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